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Blast from the Past 🚀

Blast from the Past 🚀

Hi friends!

It's National Best Friends Day, and as some of you may already know, we have actually been best friends our whole lives—literally. We've shared so many amazing memories along the way, which have of course inspired everything that goes into Alben Lane. We thought in honour of today, we'd share some of our favourite pictures growing up together :)


Starting off strong... Here is Jess holding Becca as a baby. This is what we mean when we say we've known each other since Day 1, LOL. Our mom's have been as inseparable as us, so we've been this close ever since we can remember.

A blast from the past wouldn't be complete without our other sister. Jess' sister Leah has put up with the two of us for 24 years, and we couldn't do this without her! 

Clearly we enjoyed picnics back then as much as we do now.





Here we are reviewing very important docs with Pete, Becca's dad! We were practicing for Alben Lane, even in 2005, lol. He's helped us endlessly with the logistics and strategic planning of AL, and we seriously would not have been able to do this without him. We wouldn't be able to without all 4 of our parents' support—they've helped us with everything, from market setup to storing extra materials, to putting up with us being stressed (or just chaotic when we're together 😅).  

Aaaaaaand, to finish off on a funnier note... Here we are, eating snacks as always. There's nobody else in the world either of us could do this with. 

Happy Best Friend Day 💖


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Beyond the cutest photos ❤️ ❤️ May you continue to reach for the Stars in all of your creations ! With love always x

Rosemarie Douglas

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