materials sourced from only canadian companies

vegan & cruelty-free

100% vegan, and free from parabens and phthalates


sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. learn more!

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when we started alben lane, we wanted to make sure our brand had the smallest environmental footprint we could, as well as learning how to minimize our impact on the environment as we grow.

we're so excited to introduce our new and improved jar recycling program!

we want to reuse your jars!

one of the ways we can cut down on waste (and thank you for helping us do so) is by reusing your jars.

depending on the condition, your jars will either be used for new candles, or as testers or photography candles in our studio!

we're now offering a free candle for every 5 jars given back to us at once, whether dropped off at one of our locations or at a market.

keep reading to see how the program works!

how it works

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step 1

make sure your jars are not cracked or damaged, then clean them out as best as you can! we like the hot water method outlined in this video! our labels should come off easily!

step 2

return 5 jars at a time and recieve a free candle on us (an $19 credit for our store)!

return them to us either at a market, a retail partner listed below or send us a message to arrange a pickup on your next order, or drop off at one of our locations.

contact us through IG or email!

step 3

keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for credit to our online store to claim your free candle, or redeem it at a market as you're dropping them off.

drop-off spots

we're currently working alongside the following businesses as drop-off sites for you to return your candles to! please be ready to give them your name and email address so they can contact us and we can get your credit to you!

halifax, nova scotia

11 street boutique — 3132 Isleville St, Halifax, NS B3K 3Y2

fia fia yarns — 6169 Summit St, Halifax, NS B3K 1S3

please note the credit is only valid on our website, not in stores.


can I return less than 5 jars at a time?


that being said, we are unable to offer the incentive of a free candle if less than 5 are dropped off at one time.

what if I can't get my jar perfectly clean?

that's alright! as long as you do your best to clean it, we can take care of the rest.