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The best scent to transport you to the middle of a forest on a summer day! The throw is amazing and I can smell it all around my house after lighting it, a must try for anyone who loves sprucey piney scents!!

— Gerald L.

I've always found that candles are either way too overpowering or not scented enough, until Alben Lane candles came along! Every single scent is absolutely incredible- Even my partner (who has never noticed candles in his life) raves about how amazing every single Alben Lane scent is and calls them the best candles ever. Not only are these candles outstanding, last a long time, and have the best scents, the owners are the sweetest people ever. Seriously, get these candles, you'll never go back to other ones!

— Lauren M.

I bought The Cottage reed diffuser during the holiday market by the waterfront in December and two months later, it’s still going strong. This scent makes my room smell like a fresh forest all the time and is only halfway done! I also love having my fave Alben Lane scent without worrying about candle/related fire hazards.

— Mac F.

Perfect for people who love citrusy and fruity scents. It’s fresh, but not like cleaning products. Even though it is summery, I love burning it in the wintertime too!

— Em F.

This scent has been lite daily! The essence of the fragrance is soothing and relaxing; makes any day better. With no worries around either the scent or the creative process harming the environment; it's truly a guilt free gift.

— Ann Sheree R.

I absolutely love this candle! something about the scent is just happiness to me. I love knowing the candles are made with safe ingredients and that I'm supporting local.

— Hannah W.

I am much more of a fall/ winter scents kind of person and this fulfills that niche perfectly! It’s such a warm scent without being so much so that it doesn’t make sense year round. One of my favorite candles of all time

— Emma H.

There is so much to love about these candles! The scents, the look, the company, the fact that they’re environmentally friendly. I will be a forever customer!

— Natasha R.

Beautiful candles from a wonderful local company. You can feel the love that goes into each and every candle whenever you burn one. Highly recommend.

— Taylor S.

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